Let Your Music Speak for Itself

Only Way Out Records produces, books and manages hip-hop artists

How many times do you want to perform in the same small clubs? Why are you handing out mixtapes to the same group of friends and family? Are you struggling to get your music in the right people's hands? Only Way Out Records is looking for talented hip-hop artists to sign to our label. We offer:

Record production | Artist management | Booking services

We do everything it takes to promote artists and their music. Call 518-496-0628 today to learn more about our management services in the Troy, NY area.

Our goal is getting your music heard by the masses

We make connections with local DJs, radio hosts and booking agents to make sure your music can get out to the public in the best ways possible. We work hard to get you gigs in a variety of venues and can work on out-of-area tours to gain more exposure for your talents. Contact Only Way Out Records to start the rest of your music career today.

You should focus on making music

Too often, talented rappers and artists get bogged down by the details. You need to focus on what you do best and let us handle the rest. We're ready to get your name on the marquee as you build a steady fanbase that follows your every move. We know that any music career takes a lot of hard work, and we're with you every step of the way. Get the support your career needs by contacting Only Way Out Records today.